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Our Distinctives: What Makes Grimké Different

Training Pastors in Gospel Theology Without Removing Them From the Local Church


The gospel is God’s proclamation of what he has accomplished through the person and work of Jesus Christ. The church and the seminaries that train her pastors must keep the gospel at the center of all they do. At Grimké we root everything we do in the gospel and are vigilant as a faculty and staff to ensure that our organization doesn’t drift from gospel-centrality.


The church is God’s plan for exalting Jesus Christ. Through the mission of the church, the lost will be reached with the gospel. The church is the focus of human history. We have woven this biblical empahsis into everything we do at Grimké. You cannot be a student at Grimké Seminary without a strong connection with and appreciation for the local church.


God calls pastors to pastor and plant churches. At Grimké Seminary, students are trained by professors who have extensive experience in their fields of expertise and at pastoring in the local church.

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