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Master of Theological Studies (MTS)

An Introduction to Essential Theological Disciplines with Ministry-enhancing Electives

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Degree Details

36 Hour Degree

A student may earn the MTS without a concentration by completing thirty-six course hours.

48 Hour Degree

A student may earn the MTS and an added twelve-hour concentration by completing forty-eight course hours. The degree can be completed in two years of full-time study. Students may concentrate in the following:

Applied Theology

A student may choose from several professional, ministry-enhancing electives to complete a general concentration.

Urban Ministry

Students may choose an Urban Ministry concentration in which they would take four URMN classes, four additional electives, and the eight core classes.

Christ-Centered Preaching

Students may choose a Christ-Centered Preaching concentration in which they would take four PRCH classes, four additional electives, and the eight core classes.


Students wishing to apply must hold a qualifying bachelor’s degree.

Core Courses

  • BIBL 610: Old Testament Survey
  • BIBL 620: New Testament Survey
  • BIBL 630: Hermeneutics & Exposition
  • PMIN 630: Pastoral Leadership
  • LANG 610: Intro to Biblical Greek
  • CHIS 600: Church History Survey
  • THEO 610: Theology I
  • THEO 620: Theology II

Available Electives

  • PLNT 710: Planting in Post-Christian Contexts
  • PLNT 740: Stages of Church Growth
  • URMN 710: Urban Missiology
  • URMN 720: Urban Anthropology
  • URMN 730: Preaching in Urban Contexts
  • URMN 740: Urban Apologetics
  • PMIN 720: Biblical Counseling
  • PMIN 740: Contemporary Theological Issues
  • PRCH 710: Christ-Centered Preaching
  • PRCH 720: Preaching Practicum
  • PRCH 730: The History of Preaching
  • PRCH 740: Contemporary Issues in Preaching
  • ELEC 710: Biblical Counseling Practicum
  • ELEC 720: Spiritual Formation: Prayer
  • ELEC 740: God’s Call and the Man of God


Customize your degree to your particular context through focused study in:

School of Urban Ministry

The School of Urban Ministry at Grimké Seminary is a community of robust theological training where experienced urban practitioners equip men to take the gospel into urban contexts.

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Center for Christ-Centered Preaching

The Center for Christ-Centered Preaching exists to train and equip pastor theologians in the area of Christ-centered homiletics.

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We offer classes at the competitive rate of $232/credit hour—about half the cost of most seminaries.

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