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The Grimké Experience

Robust Theological Training in the Local Church

In Your Context

Because you are studying in your church, mentored by one of your pastors, your seminary education includes, by design, practical and contextual training.

Training at Grimké

Our students are forged in the local church, honed by history’s best theologians, and sharpened in-person by Grimké professors.

Pastoral Mentorship

As a student, a pastor or leader at your church will mentor you throughout your seminary experience.

Reading & Writing

You will be guided through a reading program to expose you to the best teachers in the history of the church.

In-Person Intensives

In-person intensives provide you with face-to-face learning from professors and with fellow-students.

Grimké Student Reflections

There’s no better way to get a feel for Grimké’s unique environment then to hear from our current students.

In-Person Intensives

Twice a semester, students meet for a three-day intensive in Richmond, VA for:

Live Instruction

You’ll receive live, face-to-face instruction from Grimké professors and the chance to learn formally and informally, in class and out of class.

Brotherhood & Fellowship

You’re not in this alone. Intensives provide you the opportunity to join a brotherhood of pastors that extends beyond the classroom and will last a lifetime.


Worship through singing is an integral part of our intensives. Learning more about God leads us to sing together his praises.

Preaching & Devotions

Devotions and chapel worship are led by experienced pastors who are skilled at pastoring pastors and planters through the preached Word.

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All of our degree programs are tailored to meet your needs as a pastor or planter starting or continuing your theological education.

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