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The Tripp Family Scholarship

A Scholarship of Grimké Seminary


In partnership with Grimké Seminary, Dr. Paul David Tripp established the Tripp Family Scholarship to see qualified men receive pastoral and practical theological education for the benefit of their churches and church plants. Dr. Tripp has a longstanding friendship with President Doug Logan, a friendship that was significantly deepened when Dr. Tripp mentored President Logan in his church plant training residency at Tenth Presbyterian Church in 2009. Through his pastoral work, public speaking, and writing, Dr. Tripp has demonstrated a life-long commitment to theological education and pastoral health. Dr. Tripp was also an early advocate for and supporter of Grimké Seminary at its founding in 2019. The faculty and staff of Grimké Seminary are grateful to Dr. Tripp and his wife Luella for their generosity and look forward to seeing how this scholarship will provide opportunities for men to train for pastoral ministry and church planting.


The Tripp Family’s donation establishes a scholarship for the benefit of qualified elder-pastors and pastoral candidates, providing partial scholarships for theological education at Grimké Seminary. This scholarship helps ensure that Grimké’s degree programs remain accessible to students from every background and in every context.

Scholarship recipients will be selected by the Scholarship Selection Committee of Grimké Seminary. The donation by the Tripp Family to the Tripp Family Scholarship will be utilized and applied directly to the selected recipients’ tuition accounts at Grimké Seminary. The Tripp Family (and any other future donors) may make future donations to Grimké Seminary in order to help provide scholarships to students who otherwise may not be able to afford a degree.

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