What do you believe?
Standing in the tradition of historic evangelical confessionalism, Grimké Seminary affirms the Distinctives and Values of the Acts 29 Network and the Foundation Documents of The Gospel Coalition.

What degrees do you offer?
Grimké Seminary offers two degrees: a graduate level Master of Theological Studies (MTS), with or without a concentration, and an undergraduate level Bachelor of Divinity (BDiv).

How long does it take to finish a degree?
Both degree programs (MTS and BDiv) may be completed in two years of full-time enrollment (12 credit hours per semester).

What is the cost of the program?
We offer classes at the competitive rate of $200/credit hour—about half the tuition rate of most seminaries—making the total cost roughly $7,500 for the standard MTS and $10,000 for the BDiv and the MTS with a concentration.

Where are classes taught?
Grimké Seminary is neither online nor residential. Rather, independent learning and in-context mentorships in your local church are combined with short, focused intensives on site in Richmond, VA. Therefore, you do not need to relocate to attend Grimké Seminary. Indeed, we want you to stay where you are in order to be mentored by pastors who know you in a church that supports you.

Why do I need a Partnering Church?
The local church is the ultimate context for understanding and applying theology. It also provides qualified practitioners with the means for overseeing the growth and development of those under their care. That’s why Grimké Seminary is committed to training pastors and planters in the church, by the church, for the church.

What if I’m not part of a local church now?
The Christian life is not a solo endeavor; we are saved from sin specifically for life with Christ and his people (Titus 2:14). Therefore, all students applying to Grimké Seminary who are currently not members in a local church should remedy this situation immediately by joining themselves to a likeminded body of believers that is led by pastors who can say with Paul, “Follow me as I follow Christ” (1 Cor. 11:1).

What if I am already a pastor?
If you are already serving as a pastor in a local church, Grimké Seminary will provide you with a seasoned mentor from our list of approved coaches. The coaches will work with the students to determine meeting times, formats, and any fees that may apply (1 Tim. 5:18).

Do you only train pastors and planters?
Yes. Grimké Seminary exists specifically and exclusively to train pastors and planters (who are also pastors) for the local church. Are only men admitted to the school? Yes. Because Grimké Seminary exists specifically and exclusively to train pastors and planters, and because the Scriptures limit the pastoral office to qualified men*, only men are admitted to the school. *This position stands in keeping with the historic consensus of all Catholic, Orthodox, and conservative Protestant churches around the world, as well as the doctrinal distinctives and values of the Acts 29 Network.

Can I transfer credits from other schools?
Yes. Grimké Seminary is glad to receive students desiring to transfer from other schools. Up to 18 credit hours (equivalent to 1 year of the standard MTS) may be transferred in. Courses eligible to transfer will be determined on an individual basis. Contact us here.

How does the Bachelor of Divinity relate to further education?
The Bachelor of Divinity (BDiv) is a professional baccalaureate degree for qualifying students that is identical in curriculum and requirements to the MTS with a concentration. The program is designed for men who are endorsed by their local church to pursue theological education but who lack a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution of higher learning. The BDiv will not convey academic standing for future degrees in most cases. College-aged students interested in Grimké Seminary are strongly encouraged to complete a traditional liberal arts degree before enrolling in our Master of Theological Studies program.

Are you accredited?
As a newly founded institution, Grimké Seminary is not eligible for accreditation for several years. In the meantime, our administrative staff vigorously employs alternative measures to ensure high levels of institutional accountability and educational quality. Read more about accreditation. Statement on Accreditation

How do I apply?
The application process can be started here and will be completed via a packet that you receive by email.

When are applications due?
Applications are accepted throughout the year. Contact our Office of Administration at for specific semester dates and application deadlines.