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Ensuring the Future of Pastoral Ministry

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The Grimké Foundation offers local churches the opportunity to help ensure that pastors and planters from all areas and stages of ministry have access to robust training in gospel theology. Churches can commit a percentage of their budget, through partnership tiers, which helps offset tuition costs and provide scholarships for students who desire to attend Grimké Seminary. 

Partnership Tiers

Commit a percentage of your church’s budget to help build a lasting legacy.


Churches commit to give 2% of their budget to help offset tuition costs.

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Churches commit to give 3% of their budget to help offset tuition costs.

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Churches commit to give 4% of their budget to help offset tuition costs.

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Partner Benefits

By committing to any partnership tier, you will…

Guarantee the Grimké Commitment

Participate in providing accessible and affordable theologicaleducation for pastors and planters for years to come.

Access Exclusive Gifts and Opportunities

As pastor of a partnering church, you will receive resources and event opportunities to grow in your love for and service to Christ’s people.

Receive Inspiring Video Testimonies

Together with your congregation, rejoice in how your partnership is impactingthe lives of real pastors and churches all over the country.

The founding of a theological seminary may seem to some a small matter…that it’s purpose is to train men to understand and to expound the Word of God…as the means of saving a lost word—it is seen to be anything but a small matter.”

— Dr. Francis J. Grimké

What makes us unique?

At Grimké, our three core distinctives set us apart from your average seminary.

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