Soldiers have basic training. Electricians have apprenticeships. Doctors have residencies. Educators have student teaching. Why should training for pastoral ministry be any different?

At Grimké Seminary we value field experience over footnotes. We don’t sacrifice theory for practice; we put theory into practice by enrolling every student in a guided mentorship with the pastor of a local church. This mentorship provides the proper context for understanding and applying theology. In this way, the combination of independent study, classroom discussion, and pastoral mentorship will equip you with the knowledge, wisdom, and virtue needed for a lifetime of faithful service.

  • Students complete reading and writing assignments independently in accordance with the schedule supplied in the course syllabus.
  • Students convene in Richmond twice per semester for three days (Tues, Wed, Thurs) of lecture and guided discussion. Note: Students enrolled in concentration electives will stay for an additional day of instruction (Friday).
  • Students meet regularly with their pastoral mentor to discuss what they are learning and to shadow him in various ministry contexts (preaching, discipleship, evangelism, presiding over weddings, funerals, etc.).